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Zambezi Suite Dreams


Two days seems like enough time to spread out the body and soul, let the sky be the sky and the weather move through.


It felt like we were saddling up for Africa. We packed laptops, books, minds and bodies, and very little clothing. It’s hot along the Zambezi this time of year.


There was no wedding, no funeral, no reunion … nothing waiting for us but the destination itself. Big sky, local flavor, hot springs, mineral baths, and the watering hole.


We checked in, unpacked, and headed out to Cricket Liquor for a Chardonnay. We’d forgotten to pack glasses. Forgotten? Something? No fooling?


Fortunately the neighborhood Goodwill had matching stemware, and an elephant mascot that fit perfectly with our Zambezi dreams.

4959_Bull Sharks

I call it elephunting. I spot and shoot elephants everywhere I go. Bagging one immediately really frees up the spirit.


An elephant from Delavan – Pat named it Delafant. We are still working on the derivations.

Meanwhile we are floating down the Zambezi completely free of our usual demons.


Nowhere to go
nothing to do
We go there
and do that
just that