Creative Space

Wood, Stone, and Buck Knife Box

bowl 2///

House Warming

I gave you wood and stone for your old new home
as you return to the comfort of a compound
now solitary

smudge sticks of Palo Santo to burn in your room
and a blunt obelisk of smoky quartz
brimming with Reiki as a small measure of
grounding, centering, and transmuting
to love and light

of course
you will clear and charge the crystal
as the white witch in you discerns

I hand wrote a note and packaged it all up
roughly, like a man wraps a package,
in an old Buck Knife box.

My knife; long lost. The box, having
long held random silver coins,
now moving on to you and beyond.

You shared with me the paint chips
indicating a gallon of Apple Crunch
and a quart of Beau Beige
no Cape Honey Flower at all.

Today I drizzle essential sage oil in
my sand rock bowl and burn tobacco
for you on your journey


(C) David L White

August 8, 2015