Creative Space

Weekly Feeder

I am interested to see what happens to my interface on FB by removing most of the non-real-people feeds from my timeline. It’s not that I am not interested but it all takes up real estate that might be better populated with real people.

I am taking my reading to Feedly and hope to publish a link list on my blog in a category titled Weekly Feeder. I have always wished that FB would provide a bookmark deal.

The list of feeders I removed today is not complete and provided in no particular order.

I need to be more focused with my time. Removing the pudding from the fridge will result in me eating less pudding. Simple.

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
The Christian Left
Fast Company
Spirit Science
Creative Systems Thinking
On Being with Krista Tippett
The Cornucopia Institute
I fucking love science
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Wisconsin Public Radio
Healthy Food House
A Course In Miracles
I Support Farmers Markets
Science Channel
Parabola Magazine
Prevention Magazine
Science and Nonduality Conference
The Daily Beast
Dangerous Minds
Interfaith Older Adult Programs, Inc.
Hay House
Transcendental Meditation
Smithsonian Channel
Inc. Magazine
Elephant Buddhadharma