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Walk in Beauty


Walk in Beauty

My first two customers this morning were women. An older and a younger. I’m pretty sure they didn’t know each other. We started out on our way and pretty soon I was surprised myself by asking the following question:

“When was the last time you felt beautiful?” 

They giggled. I continued.

“I’m sorry. Not the beautiful that you think other people might think of you. But the beautiful that you feel in yourself sometimes. When was the last time?”

Neither could say. They did not know where this was going. Neither did I.

“Well … I feel beautiful this morning.” I said.

 One of them asked why. I said it’s because I slept well, I’ve eaten fairly decently today, and I’m out here with you. Finally, I am reading a book with a couple of new ideas I find extremely exciting. Life is beautiful.

And so I talked a bit about the book titled Yoga For Pain Relief.

The exciting idea for me has to do with neuroplasticity, imagination, and the reunion of body yoga with breath work and mindfulness meditation. In the Sanskrit language, yoga means union. This is the first yoga book I have seen that recalls the original union.

I had an inkling about neuroplasticity. The author expanded my understanding from something the brain could do to something the brain always does. It is what the brain does; always repairing or maintaining itself and its realm. What we repeat and practice, whether positive or negative, we engrain and entrain into our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

I indicated that if they did not remember the last time they might be overdue and they should think about how to get to that place. So we all went on our merry way. 

A couple customers later I met my first Apache Indian. I certainly have met Native Americans before. This was my first Apache. He definitely looked the part.

He teaches Native American culture in the intertribal tradition where all tribes agree on certain fundamental principles. He did not outline them for me but they’re fairly simple. We had a nice little chat. 

I was pleased and surprised that his car was done so early. Actually our tech discovered something wrong that we did not have parts for. He will return in several days.

After I picked him up and we got halfway back and I asked him something about him feeling beautiful. When is the last time you felt beautiful? I said I’m not sure about the appropriateness of this question. He is a man, after all.  

“It’s brand-new question with me and I don’t usually talk like this but…,” I offered.

He did not answer. He was fairly busy with his iPhone.

I told him briefly of my question of the women this morning and the idea that it just popped out of me without much forethought.

We rode along quietly for a little bit.

“In my language we have a phrase for that.  Ho-ZHOON-co. It means: walk in beauty.” he said.

We rode for a little bit farther.

“If you had to spell that in English how would you spell it?” I asked

“I’ll look it up for you.” he said.

After a moment he asked me for a pen and paper. 

He was intrigued that I would ask. And that his people have a phrase for this sentiment indicates that some people think of it, feel it, and practice it. How about you? When was the last time you felt beautiful? And if you don’t remember perhaps you’re overdue. Walk in beauty.