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Urban Ecology Center CSA’s in March 2015

So I meet Jeff again today, the marketing director for the urban ecology center. He was just here a week ago and is back so soon because his part is finally delivered. I get to take him back to work. 

Off we go …

“I recently met a gal who said she volunteers with you. I suppose you have lots of volunteers.” I said.

“Well, we have several thousand volunteers per year; some occasional, some more frequent.” He said.

“Of course you sit at a monitor so much of the time I suppose you don’t get to meet a lot of folks.” I said.

“I meet some.” he said.

“Well this one, she and her husband worked with the Peace Corps in Panama for a couple years and …”

“Yeah, I think I know who you’re talking about.” he said.

I told him her first name. Yep. Not only is it her but he described the two of them as good volunteers.

“Where did you meet her?” he asked.

“Right here. In the van. In that seat.” I said. 

“Wow. Really?”

“I’m traveling the world – right here.” I said.

Anyway, this next week Saturday, 3/7/15, there’s an event with local farmers talking about CSA’s – Community Supported Agriculture activities. There’s a whole bunch of local grower/farmers in at Urban Ecology Center on March 7, 11a to 3p. It looks like fun.

Anyway, as we got there Jeff offered to run in to the building and get me a flyer. I told him I might have two extra minutes to spare and would walk in with him and get a look at the lobby. Well, shit. That’s it for me. Right there on the back wall is a set of stringed instruments. I have been meaning to go there for years and now I know why.

I got on the calendar. Maybe I’ll see you there.

He’s got graphic design and marketing training and background and I was a small print shop owner and we have things to pass the time with. Hardware, software, public, markets, messaging, media, communications.

I gave him a bookmark of mine and we talked about publishing, Amazon, Kindle, Create Space, agents, markets, demographics, and … it was a sweet, sweet trip. Once again, I might have been talking more about me than him.

We talked about books. He offered that his executive director is also writing a book. I mentioned Kira Henschel could be of some help so, make a note …

I gave him the HenschelHaus name. He actually wrote it down.

I do like to think that my diverse interests and curiosity can be turned to some advantage. One little gig at a time.UrbanEcology