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Too political

Too Posts Political

You said I had a lot of political posts. As if whatever the number – it was too many.
I was surprised. So I decided to count down to the picture of me at the clinic which I wanted you to see. You had to scroll to find it.

There’s a Sunday post for the Packers. It says yay.
There’s a post about tell if this nation fails it has to do with wars and corporations for the last 50 years.
There’s a post with a meme that stillness comes from within you
There’s a post about there is no GOP replacement for Obamacare
There is another post about Obamacare and health insurance – living and dying.
There’s a meme about gratitude opening your heart to love.
There’s a meme that in a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act
There’s a post :: truth is you. are all highly powerful.
There’s a post about Harvard University putting photography classes online.
There’s a post about the power of women.
There’s a post about getting high on poetry, good music, new ideas, and adventure.
There’s a post about the scientific proof that we can heal ourselves.
There’s a post that appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking.
There’s a post about deciding it .. so do it. Decide. This is the life you want to live?
There’s a post about Jim MorningStar’s breathing exercises
and then there’s me and my clinic mask – which is what we were talking about.

15 posts total
Two about Obamacare
One post against war for corporations

I don’t know how I can do less than that.