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This Week of Shuttle Peeps

This week was amazing. I knew it by Tuesday when I remembered the recovering attorney-turned distiller after our first and only meeting two and a half years ago. He was surprised that I remembered him. Me too, a little.

The week starting …
Monday – August 26th
Working sculptor Don, recent award winner. We talked about creative process. The downside of being good is having to do things that work against creative impulse sometimes.


Attorney turned Organic Distiller
Tours and tasting room.

1. Mexican Restauranteur, Jorge Ventura from Toluca
Las Siete Estrellas Grand Opening Sunday
112 E Dakota Milwaukee WI

2. Holistic Psychotherapist and non-profit founder of mental health services

1. Jerold, Guitarist – British Invasion Band
He is the only fellow I have ever met that also had a Sears Silvertone as a first guitar.

They’ll be downtown at the ICC soon. Check your calendar.

Two co-workers are about to launch themselves into new endeavors.
I am not telling who.

This is why I dig my gig. Peeps doing stuff.