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This Way

This Way

I rise in the early morning
and put on my robe
I fire up a device and ask
for the Tao

It has been a long time

I don’t read it but about it
and I discover that the
classical Chinese
uses deliberately vague words
and no punctuation … so that
in translation,
moving commas and periods
provides for varied meaning,
understanding, and

The Way is wiggly

We say The Way as if there
were only one way, singular,

That is entirely enough Dao
for this moment.

Not ready yet for bed
I open to a page in yoga
and read that there are
many ways to stretch
a muscle and
there is no right way.

This is entirely enough
everything for this moment.
Removing my robe I lie down
only to rise again and write This Way


1:56 a.m.


This Way