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This Gift of Presence

This Gift of Presence

you will wonder how I knew, how perfectly for you
the holy cow and wow that you are wowing now
the ‘O’ of my gosh, the ‘A’ of okay, the ‘E’ that is we,
the ‘U’ and the ‘I’ … of you and I.

easy, simple; both you see. I sat is all – I sat, you see
I sat and I sat on a bench in the breeze
breathing simply and so easily.

the ease, the grace, the smile, your face
the wink, the twinkle, your look …
that look … and. that. look. and
finally the laugh that is so very you

you will wonder how I knew
how perfectly this gift for you
this gift I left on a seat
in the breeze
this gift of presence
as you please


(c) Poem, Photo, & Edits
David L White May 2017

Here is an audio version.