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“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”
Byron Katie, Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

The Work is merely four questions; it’s not even a thing. It has no motive, no strings. It’s nothing without your answers. These four questions will join any program you got and enhance it. Any religion you have – they’ll enhance it. If you have no religion, they will bring you joy. They’ll burn up anything that isn’t true for you. They’ll burn through to the reality that is always been waiting.

The idea is to begin by filling out a worksheet with your most stressful thoughts in order to examine them one at a time. Then, ask the questions.

Is it true?

Are you absolutely sure it’s true?

Who are you when you react to that thought?

Who would you be without that thought?

Turnaround: When you turn those thoughts around you will find freedom in the idea that other thoughts are equally true.

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