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Seeds; root and bloom

I’m sharing a brand new testimonial from 3/6/2019.

Give a smile. Get a smile. Win. Win.


David, I can’t tell you how I love those happy thank you for your service cards with the happy face. I gave one to an old guy in Tombstone who just sat down and started telling me Tombstone and Wyatt Earp stories. He CRIED and I saw him showing everyone on the street. I have given all but 5 away! Do you take orders and do you mail them? It’d love to be your customer.


Showing up in life. It’s not for everyone.

Showing up for others? Rare, but not impossible.

Sometimes, it’s personal, close in, mano a mano, and worth every second.

Get in touch with me. I’ll send you some actual physical cards to give away to others.

Your mailing address and $2 will get you a dozen cards to give to others. It is so easy and rewarding to lift someone up for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. You might never know how your simple act of kindness ripples outward.