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My favorite metaphor of my own creation is called Alphabet Zoupe. It is simply the idea that we each create much of our own reality simply by insisting on it. People told us, we tell ourselves, and we tell others stories – all based on our ideas about what is true in the universe and in our own house.

The A to Z  of Alphabet Zoupe is a simple reminder that all our truths and lies use the basic alphabet. There are a lot of truths and liars using numbers as well, and I do mean to include the entire 0 to 9 crowd.

My favorite part about the Alphabet Zoupe metaphor is that you can stir your soup and get another reality in each spoonful.

I used to chase poems as if they could save my life. Now, they might chase me. I do get up in the middle of the night to take notes – as necessary. Maybe we chase each other. Some nights definitely. Some nights a lot of hide and seek and a nap later that afternoon.

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