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On/Off, Incremental, or …

On-OffA great many times having a clear answer is preferable. The search continues. I have noticed that, more often than not, there is gray area between the black and white.

The gray area. Between. Meanwhile. During. When I start to look at ‘it’, whatever it is, I begin to see that the flow seems to be the whole of it. Fixed and static endpoints might exist most wholly in our imaginations. The endpoint is momentary.

So, we search for ‘the truth’ and might find it occasionally, and temporarily.

The truth is in the mix-er. A bit of this, that, and the other.

And the search for the truth is what I like about Katie’s work at 

We think a thing is true. Is that true? Are you absolutely sure it is true? Who are you when you insist that it is true? And, who would you be if ‘it’ were not true … if you did not have that ‘true’ thought?

The turnaround is simply that other, sometimes opposing, truths can be found when we engage in honest inquiry.

It’s all in the mixer.

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