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Mouth and Mind

I recently met a gal that works for:



I asked her if she had heard of the recent FDA ruling allowing for the offshore (ostensibly Chinese) processing of chickens meant to be returned into the USA food chain.

I asked her if she might imagine where such meat might be injected, umm, reintroduced, into the food chain system. She had not heard of the ruling. And I had to nudge an inference in her general direction.

I certainly don’t know but where would YOU hide dead chickens?

Nothing against China, or Campbell’s, mind you, I really don’t think we’re doing much of a job inspecting chickens right here in the good old US of A ‘Murica.

So as to take the pressure off her I told her a story about the sale of Smithfield (Patrick Cudahy) to a Chinese company.

Apparently the growing middle class in China really loves their pizza. And given how the farm to fork processes have evolved, the Chinese have simply not been able to provide the amount of sausage and bacon required by the hungry masses.

So, while some US GMO corn shipments are being rejected at Chinese ports, (for being GMO), it’s okay if they feed the pigs here, turn them in to pepperoni and send that good, hard sausage home to Chinese pizza places.

I think this all has to do with trusting systems to take care of us over profits and being a little more careful about what we put into our mouths and minds.