Creative Space

Maybe Poem

Maybe I am supposed to cry for you.
Maybe you’re supposed to know that.
Maybe you’re supposed to see it and
feel it … how valuable you really are.

Maybe this is for you – my little gift.
Because …
we are not doing any of the
standard fall-in-love-stuff.

Totally off the table in so many ways.

for you

because I can’t seem to do
anything else
but cry some times

for you … discounted
for you … not respected
for you … not thought of
for you … having been abused
for you … having to walk behind
for you … having been locked in
for you …

maybe for you to see this little gift
I don’t know what to do
How important, how beautiful,
how amazing, how loved.

This is for you.
Maybe this is something
you need to see, and feel, that someone
would fall on your feet, wrestling, licking,
and tickling like a puppy

Except the crying-his-eyes out part
this is for you, the amazing gift that you are.
Simply the whole of your being.

Believe it. It’s real.


© David L White