Creative Space


Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha,
Gentle, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kripalu,
Kundalini, Prenatal, Restorative,
Sivananda, Tantra Yoga, Viniyoga,
Vinyasa, Yin
And …
Laughter Yoga, Jana, Raja, Aero Yoga,
Acro Yoga, Goat Yoga, Beer Yoga,
and others, too numerous, undoubtedly.
(Sorry if I missed any style that YOU
have experienced or heard about.)
Finally, for this moment, there is M.Yoga.
The M is for me. MY YOGA.
Me. Myself. Mine. Micro, momentary,
mechanical, miraculous, mundane,
Michael row the yoga shore,
marvelous, oh so marvelous. YoGaGa.
Gluten-free, low-sodium, far less judgmental
than all other brands combined.
No critics, historians, spectators …
no preservatives, nothing but participators,
and co-creators.
Bring your breath and attention,
your intention and imagination,
bring your breathing and your stretching.
Bring yourself. You’ll be fine.
Don’t let me, you, or anyone else,
tell you it’s not right.
*M.Yoga. Yes, we know already. If yoga,
or the simple mention of the word, definition,
or mere concept of yoga presents too
great a challenge for you, I invite you to rename it.
Here’s a sample name: C.B.S. Careful Breathing and Stretching.
We may hearing too much about mindfulness these days.
Skip it. Fold it into ‘carefulness’; stretch … and breathe.
March 12, 2018