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Jennifer Book Club

Yesterday I met Jennifer. She belongs to a book group. I was interested. She said once a month they get together. Women and wine. And books. And not any books. She hesitates to say self help. But, they are books that tend toward growth.

And it’s not that men are not allowed. She invited me. I said I’d be happy to sit in one and see how it feels. I did mention my book How to Do Happy Better. And she made a note of it on her phone. And by the time we were done with our ride she proposed a presentation to her group of gals whereby I might come and give them a little talk.

And my talk about growth will lead to greater community for them at least I hope. Whether I am involved any further or not is not the point. They have a wonderful opportunity for growth in community.

I have a feeling I may offer an idea to them that will go beyond the reading of books.


Nice. Whatever. Excited.