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Jaden Gives Smiles

Ellen, a real-life acquaintance and friend on Facebook shared this video link with me.

She and I have done a similar thing; giving simply to give. I am glad she reminded me.

Speaking only for me – it is somewhat selfish. I get so much out of it. And, I can see by the smiles of those I meet that they are lifted up momentarily as well.

Jaden Hayes lost both of his parents at a young age. But he is determined to live life with joy. As Steve Hartman shows us, the six-year-old is embarking on a mission to turn frowns into smiles.



GWC_SmileyI had a little lapse in the last year and am once again recreating the joy.

I had hoped to figure out how this effort might pay for itself monetarily.

I’m still playing with that.