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I Need God

A friend recently asked: I am never going to have the life I want, am I ? 

Me: Oh shit, Dearie dear. 

A bit later

Friend: I need God

Me: (blah blah blah) God is right here for you. I know it’s true for me.

And that was that. It was late. I was tired.

Now I wish I’d been a little more ready.

What kind of God do you want? A kind God?

Or, the God of children’s nightmares; flowing white beard, golden throne,
Thou Shalt Not This, That, and Every Other Thing?

A personal friend in Jesus God?

A mystic comic, non-personal God of all Creation?

A God you can talk to?

A God that talks to you?

A God you can yell at? (Yes, you can yell at God. Check Psalms for that. Or, Lamentations maybe.)

You do not have to pick one. I think there’s a sampler pack.
Take it home. Try it out.

Prayers are usually for talking. Meditation/contemplation is better for listening. You can have it all.

Ask God.

And … leave room for miracles. If nothing is beyond God’s abilities …. try your best not to squeeze it all into too small a space in your heart.

Open your heart to loving your self first and God will find all the room needed.

I Need God