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Good Work Cards

Showing up in life. It’s not for everyone.

Showing up for others? Rare, but not impossible.

Sometimes, it’s personal, close in, mano a mano, and worth every second.

Get in touch with me. I’ll send you some actual physical cards to give away to others.

Your mailing address and $2 will get you a dozen cards to give to others. It is so easy and rewarding to lift someone up for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. You might never know how your simple act of kindness ripples outward.



Give a smile. Get a smile. Win. Win.



David, I can’t tell you how I love those happy thank you for your service cards with the happy face. I gave one to an old guy in Tombstone who just sat down and started telling me Tombstone and Wyatt Earp stories. He CRIED and I saw him showing everyone on the street. I have given all but 5 away! Do you take orders and do you mail them? It’d love to be your customer.