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Free Cards

MT-DropShadowYou can do this for yourself. Or, we can help.

Give thanks by .. actually GIVING thanks. Be proactive.
Sample card to left … download below.

I will postal mail to you … 5 Thank You cards for you to hand to others. Free. Obviously I’d be very happy to receive any donation you care to share.

email subj: Free Cards to DoHappyBetter at … include your postal address.

Or, download PDF MT-050116

Or …. look at the very simple design, create your own and get them at VistaPrint or similar. Be proactive for the sheer fun of it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world … right? Pay it forward? PLAY it forward.


A brief history of GoodWorkCards ….

As Small Potatoes Press we created postcards, bookmarks, and note cards with big fonts and colors featuring words of praise. These were given to students by teachers of foreign languages; Spanish, French, German, and Latin.

As the language product line was not succeeding, this effort finally morphed into English and then … Mini-Thanks came into being. It is simple gratitude for nearly everyone everywhere.

I thank people that should be thanking me. I do not wait. I am simply grateful as much as possible. Payoff? More minor miracles than I can tell.