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Flip the Definition


This idea occurs to me after reading books, quotes, and ideas from Byron Katie (

She asks, or challenges us to ask, the four questions. And then, more importantly I think, ask the turnaround questions.*

When I started to talk to myself about ‘flipping the definition’ I simply mean to examine a thing, event, label, belief, from another angle for the sheer fun of it. I am simply practicing play.

Your original position will probably pop back into reality for you with none of the staying power diminished – unless you can make use of a new perspective. No threat. I am not here to change your mind.

You can practice with anything you want. You choose. I’d like us to practice with ideas and beliefs around perfection.

We are told perfection is impossible to achieve in this lifetime, or this real world. I say we cannot escape perfection. We live already immersed.

I began to see a position to flip this when I began to see that ‘unique’ is not special but fundamental. Everything is unique.
Nothing is the same as any other thing. Which blade of grass or grain of sand is better than any other?

No comparison. Well, similar? Yes. Same? Nope.

It is a small step for me to imagine immersion in perfection.
Imperfection does exist as a subjectively determined subset of perfection. In other words it is you who decides what is imperfect.

What value is this idea of perfection as being foundational and ‘nothing special’? My hope is that we might begin to wrest ourselves free from incapacitating perfectionism.
We might be able to live more fully.

And, if not? Still perfect.