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Festival of Spring


I’d walked in to the waiting room having looked at her name. I called for her and she stood.

Thayaparani is going to the Hindu Temple for Holi, the Festival of Colors, the Festival of Spring, this weekend. It is laughing, tickling, splashing and throwing colored paint on one another. What fun.

In some places it’s more inclusive. Not just for Hindus. And … there will be food.

We boarded and as we approached the street I asked her how I did with the pronunciation of her first name.

“Very good. I am surprised.”

And then I spoke her last name also with 5 syllables.


“Thank you. I practice.”

We had a very short ride and as she told me about the Festival of Love I could nearly feel the tears welling up. I don’t know what it is; perhaps simple connection.

Or perhaps there is something here; in the love.