Creative Space


Everything is all there is. Nothing is apart from it. All of of every thing unique – not the same as any other thing; snowflake, finger print, grain of sand, galaxy, zebra hide, diamond, turtle shell … this moment. This moment. This moment. Are you getting the idea?

We get slowed down by similarities, comparisons, judgements. Yes, this actually ‘is’ like that, but it is not that.

The point of all of this is to let go as often as possible and comfortable. Do not worry. Do not fear. It’s all right here when you get back.

Every-THING?-ness? It seems like there are things. Things are a temporary illusion; an in-between state, a during, a meanwhile.

And now to the Flexi-Sphere graphics. In the upper left I ask you to imagine the Big Dipper flat in the dark night sky. The remaining 5 shots are simple rotations of what we imagine is flat.

Flat things include concepts, beliefs, definitions, become more nuanced and textured the longer we look.

We are getting toward beginner mind, first sight, awe, and wonderment. Happiness, gratitude, and joy belong in this swirling state.

Flip it. Toss it up. Catch it or watch it bounce. All good exercise.