Creative Space

Ear Point Mantra

Some people wonder what they might get from our Table Talk Plus sessions.
I wonder what they might give. Give and take. Give and receive. Input. Output.
You get what you give. You cannot give what you do not have. That seems like a closed loop system. Once you got that you can direct it like a radio dish and collect your better freaking frequencies.

Take a guess, or two, or three. Find the sounds that work together. Make a list. Body parts. System names. We (you) are creating an Ear Point Mantra for you.

You may not be able to describe what you need at first. Your body knows. Add less stress.

Endocrine. Lymph. Spleen. Chili Bean. (let’s put some thought to this)

Then, we overlap and overmap the pinpoint starlight of best intentions and highest good to follow us like a beacon, find us like a satellite, track us like a loving suspect, invite, invite, invite … open, accept … so that …. we relax in loving grace, knowing that … let’s not spoil the ending.

Map your systems. Name your light. Beam your beams.