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Big Magic

Big Magic

I’ve been off Facebook for over four whole days at this point. I am happy to report I have found fun things I had forgotten while I had fallen into the frack. We have also pretty much turned off the news. I’ve been realizing the upset it causes me. Why play?

I’ve read deeply and widely about HSP’s, Empaths, Narcissists, Borderlines and am processing the meanings for me. I’ve been interested in healing all summer long. Healing. Fixing. Saving. I’ve wondered who heals whom.

We were seven hours from home for four days over Thanksgiving and listened to Big Magic on audio while driving. Elizabeth Gilbert reads her own work. She provides an amazingly soothing voice to some wonderfully provocative ideas.


Quotations here:

I certainly imagine I will jump back into the Facebook fray. 

And will be bathing in the big magic more often.

Be well.