Creative Space

Big Dipper

At first, let the Flexi-Sphere on the left represent The Big Dipper. We’d like to think it’s flat in the dark night sky. In the image on the right we see that it’s not flat. There are light years of separation, size, and brightness between the stars that create our favorite illusion. One of the stars is closer to us than it is to the farthest star.

Illusions, favorite and otherwise, morph at our patient gaze.

If not the Big Dipper, name your favorite constellation. If not a constellation, then a definition, belief, or anything you have already labeled and set aside. Change gears. Slow down. Pause. Look again. And twist in space. Hear the music; silent or otherwise. Dance.

Everythingness is all there is!

More on this later as we crank it up …..