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Alice Moon Step

Alice Moon Step

The journey of a thousand miles
Begins …
Continues …
Detours …
Sidesteps the exotic adventure

When I remember the countless
Midnight bare footsteps over
The linoleum kitchen floor
To the window over the sink
I may have been to the
Moon and back
Over twenty two years

The journey of a thousand miles
Sounds like a fresh start
To somewhere new.
Just do it. Go see.

We might be temporarily fooled
By the glossy, seductive,
Well produced brochure
Advertising the thousand miles

The journey of a thousand miles
imagines itself a spatial journey
Yet, if you have come far enough

To recognize this mesmerizing vista,
you have already been gone
A very long time

Your journey is folded in your pocket
A well worn map and laundry list,
to do, to do, to do

Pace your self
Massage your feet
Alice awaits

David L White
January 22 2017 1:45 am


Alice Moon Step