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A Thriving Sustainability?


A representation of joy; an icon I create over and over after having read Presence by Amy Cuddy.

We talk and hear about sustainability. The subject matter may typically include environmental, economic, and educational systems. 

Sustainability represents the bare minimum and sometimes seems as if we are unable to reach such a state.

Outside of ‘paying the bills’ I do not recall hearing people talk about personal sustainability.

Never mind that: what is better than sustainability? What word or words come t0 mind? Thriving perhaps? Joy? 

Does there seem to be a gap in the language that describes such a state? Perhaps I live in an echo chamber or house of mirrors.

Do we have the simple words to use as tools to build a new structure?

How do we sense and describe thriving? How to get there in incremental steps?

Considering this seems to be a worthwhile project.

Partnering with people that think along these lines is critical.