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A Mind at Home With Itself
Byron Katie

Page 20
If you think that someone else is the cause of your problem, you’re insane. You do the work on your own thinking, clean up your own mess, and the problem disappears. Life always becomes simpler and kinder when we questioned or stressful thoughts. These thoughts aren’t personal, everyone has them at one point or another. They’re ancient: in every language in the world there are no new stressful thoughts; there are recycled, over and over.

Page 50
This work is 100% free at The worksheets, the instructions, it’s all there on the website, and it’s all over YouTube. And we developed the phone app for $1.99 which allows you to do the work wherever you go. And we have one for tablets, where you could fill in a judge your neighbor worksheet, and then there’s an app where you can question just one belief at a time. So you can fill in the worksheet…

Page 58 and 59.
That’s why some people say that while they were being raped or tortured they left their bodies; they were up on the ceiling, looking down. The mind shifts identities, because it can’t project what’s going to happen to the body next. It shifts out of what it has no reference for.

When you believe that such apparent horrors shouldn’t happen, even though they do happen, you suffer. So you’re adding one more person suffering to the worlds suffering, and for what purpose? Does your suffering help anyone who is being harmed? No. Does it motivate you to act for the common good? If you pay close attention you’ll see that this is not so. By questioning the belief that these things shouldn’t happen, you can and your own suffering about the suffering of others. And once you do, you’ll be able to notice that this makes you a kinder human being, someone who is motivated by love rather than outrage or sadness. The end of suffering in the world begins with the end of suffering in you.

Page 78
If I can teach you anything, it is to identify the stressful thoughts that you’re believing in to question them, to get still enough so that you can hear your own answers. Stress is the gift that alerts you too you’re asleep on us. Feelings like anger or sadness exist only to alert you to the fact that you were believing your own stories. The work gives you a portal into wisdom, A way to tap into the answer is that wake you up to your true nature, until you realize how all suffering is caused and how it can be ended. It returns you to before the beginning of things. Who would you be without your identity

Page 83
But without a concept of self, these categories fall apart. More enlightened, less in lightened; many rebirths, no rebirth; coming, going: they’re all just concepts. If you’re trying to monitor your progress on the spiritual path – if you think you have any idea how far along you are – you might want to save yourself the trouble. There’s no attainment, because you already are what you want to become. Everything separate vanishes in the light of awareness.

Page 85
And imagine self is all that exists. You can question it away if you really want to take the trip. Questioning is safe, I assure you. When you question what do you think you are, it leaves no self. It leaves you as something more valuable: the unchanging nature of what the dream flows out of, what the dream mirrors. As long as life is a dream, let’s deal with the nightmare. Question what you believe, and notice what’s left. Until you genuinely realize that you are not the UU believe yourself to be, your art free to be more. That’s why the limited mind is so painful. Mind is always attempting to burst out of its own prison, the identity as a body. When you realize the nature of mind, you realize that it’s everything, it’s the nature of everything, and that any apparent lack is just a figment of your imagination.

Page 102
The Buddha says that even one glimpse of the truth is worthy of our deepest respect. The basic realization that other people can’t possibly be your problem, that it’s your thoughts about them that are the problem, this realization is huge. This one Insight will shake your whole world, from top to bottom. And then when you questioned your specific thoughts about mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, boss, colleague, child, you watch your identity unravel losing the you that you thought you were isn’t a scary thing. It’s thrilling. It’s fascinating. Who are you really behind all the façades?

Chapter 16 title
“Everything happens for you, not to you.”

Page 152
When you realize that there’s no such thing as a self or another, you realize that all human relationships are reflections in the mirror. It’s not you that people like or dislike; It’s their stories of you. They are attacking you or leaving you; they’re attacking or leaving who they believe you are. What does any of that have to do with you? You are there projection, just as they are yours. Realizing this makes it easy not to be affected by praise or blame.

Page 153
If someone rejects you, he can only do that because you don’t match his beliefs about how he wants the world to be. Only an inflated ego could say that you had anything to do with it. Suppose your hand moved for no reason, and he found that unacceptable, will it be obvious that it was all his show? If he criticizes you, and you take it personally, you are the one that who hurt you. The story you impose onto his criticism is where the pain begins. You are arguing with reality, and you lose.

Page 163
I woke up turned around. I was a walking turn around. The thought would arise it’s too hot and I go that’s not true. It’s not too hot. That has to be true or, because in reality it’s as hot as it is. I experience the cause and effect of believing and untrue thought. Because I came from such confusion and loathing, some of the profoundest inquiries that I experienced were from inquiry on thoughts from my old world. And all I experienced now, after questioning them, was there opposites. The world is a terrible place, for example, became the world is a beautiful place. The accuracy of these turnarounds was so obvious that I would often burst into laughter. I didn’t have to make the world into a beautiful place at all. It was already everything I could ever have wanted. Nothing was required of me but to notice.

This is so important to understand. People think that enlightenment must be some kind of mystical, transcendent experience. But it’s not. It’s as close to you as your own most troubling thought. When you believe a thought that argues with reality, you’re confused. When you questioned the thought and see that it’s not true, you’re in lightened to it, your liberated from it. You’re as free as the Buddha in that moment. And then the next stressful thought comes along, and you either believe it or question it. It’s your next opportunity to get in lightened. Life is as simple as that.

Page 169
“To believe a thought his to exist in and imaginary world, however real it may seem.”

Page 190
People sometimes used to work with the motive of healing their bodies. They don’t understand that sanity is the cure, and that it’s not up to the party. Ultimately the body’s not going to make it. This is very good news. It’s over, forget it, let’s work with the cars. If this body story were true, it would mean that no fat person could ever be self realized, no one in a wheelchair, no one old or sick, no one who is not beautiful. That would leave out practically the whole human race. Under this theory, none of us would have a chance for freedom. People think they need to get their life perfect first, and then they’ll have peace. Can we just do it from here, now?

I suggest that you do not do the work with the motive of healing your body. Go in for the level of truth. Heal your mind. Meet your stressful thoughts with understanding. You may spend years eating the right food, exercising every day, and getting your body and optimal shape, and then a truck hits you in the crosswalk. Can you be happy right now? Not tomorrow? Not in 10 minutes? I use the word happy to mean  the natural state of peace and clarity. That’s what the work gives us.