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I spent the morning learning about MicroGreens from Farmer Tony, Hillery, and 30 other folks from far flung places such as; Sister Bay, Mequon, Appleton, Chicago, Houghton MI, Caledonia, Waukesha, Elm Grove, Sussex, Manitowoc, and Stoughton, in no particular order. There were several teachers looking to incorporate this into their curriculum [...]

Urban Ecology Center CSA’s in M...

Urban Ecology Center CSA’s in March 2015
So I meet Jeff again today, the marketing director for the urban ecology center. He was just here a week ago and is back so soon because his part is finally delivered. I get to take him back to work.  Off we go … “I recently met a gal who said she volunteers with you. I suppose you have lots of volunteers.” I said. “Well, we have several thou [...]

Health Day: personal and environmenta...

Health Day: personal and environmental
Wednesday, 18 February   I’m met Terry this morning. He was a medical practitioner in the Air Force in the 70’s,  got out and went to school to become a Physicians Assistant. He’s been in the healthcare system ever since seeing patients as well as on the administration side. I discovered that a physician’s assistant and a nurse practit [...]

Just follow your path?

Just follow your path?
Moving in ways you wish, that feel right and good, a step or two at a time, later will lead to the idea that a path exists. First next steps is really all there is. Share this:PrintFacebookGoogleLinkedInTwitterPinterestPocketTumblrLike this:Like Loading...