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Lorem Ipsum Brunch

Lorem Ipsum Brunch
We were thinking about a quiche or something similar for breakfast today. I remembered seeing frittatas at Melrose close to home here. I went online to check their menu and the typos nearly cracked me up. There are plenty to choose from – most of which are probably simply cut-and-paste fonts problems that went unchecked. But the lunch m [...]

Sunday at Tippe – Markets and M...

Sunday at Tippe – Markets and Meals for Hope
Karin Kale Queen I went up to Tippe Church on Saveland this afternoon to see Karin demo kale chips. I now have a much better idea what Outpost means in their little kale brochure when they say ‘massage generously’. Karin says it’s better to shake it in a plastic container. Also, I had been using WAY TOO MUCH OIL. There was a winter market the [...]

Feed the hungry – volunteer on ...

I recently met Amy, the volunteer coordinator, of The Farm for the Hunger Task Force. She puts together the teams that help on the farm. There are youth camps, corporate work groups, and individuals that help bring the harvest to the hungry of Milwaukee County. Two hundred acres for fruits, veggies, and the fish hatchery used to stock Milwau [...]

Eritrea, Armenia and Mirriam

Eritrea, Armenia and Mirriam
On this day I met a couple folks that pushed my country list to 55 … at least. I’d seen the guy from Eritrea several times in the shop. This was the first time we went for a ride together – a short ride. I don’t know much about him, what he does, or why he came to Milwaukee. He had an interesting name and I asked about [...]